National Apprenticeship Week: A catch up with our Junior Accounts

National Apprenticeship Week: A catch up with our Junior Accounts

Last year you may remember we introduced you to Niall and Laura, our Junior Accounts Apprentice’s for the first installment in our National Apprenticeship Week. This year we’re catching up with them again to share exactly what they’ve achieved and whether they still recommend the apprenticeship route or not. 


What have you achieved since the last NAW? 

Niall: My Level 4 Apprenticeship! Last year was a great one for me academically, my Level 4 is complete and I am now working towards my Level 7. Once my Level 7 is complete I will then be a fully qualified accountant.

Laura: My Level 4 qualification has now officially been completed and signed off, which I am so happy about. 

Despite the impact of COVID-19 I have continued to study, though this is now online classes and interactive webinars, but it’s great to know I’m still able to work towards my Level 7 qualification. 


Do you still recommend the apprenticeship route or have things changed? 

Niall: I’d say the only element that has changed is me recommending apprenticeships more; an apprenticeship is fantastic and should be recommended far more. I’m very grateful to have no student loans debt and am still able to study for a qualification that is as equally as valuable as a degree. 

Some say it’s very difficult to find work after university, whereas I’m in the fortunate position to be in a stable, fulfilling job in the exact field I wanted to be in. So I fully recommend apprenticeships but only if you feel they are right for you. 

Laura: I would definitely recommend this route, it allows you to work towards your qualification without accruing any debt, whilst at the same time, gaining practical work experience and getting paid!

On top of that, there are so many more opportunities to consolidate your learning. You get to witness real life examples, which is amazing for future prospects. Without the apprenticeship, I’d still be at university learning with minimal (if any) experience in the accountancy world. 


How long do you have left until you’re qualified? 

Niall: At the moment I have 7 exams remaining which I aim to complete by the end of the year. But who knows how far I will go with my accounting qualifications, there’s always room to grow my skills and knowledge further. 

Laura: With the impact of COVID-19 unfortunately it is really difficult to judge, though my ambition is to make a strong impact on the remaining modules over the coming year. Who knows I could gain my Level 7 qualification by the end of 2021. 



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