Keeping your employees safe during COVID-19

Keeping your employees safe during COVID-19

As more businesses begin to open their doors (ourselves included), we understand there may be the nagging feeling of not ‘doing enough’ to keep your employees safe. Within this post we hope to expand on what you as an employer need to be doing differently to keep your employees safe during these times.

Risk Assessments

We know, they can be long and laborious but it’s a must before welcoming employees through the door. When completing your risk assessment, you ideally need to identify what work activities may cause the potential transmission of the virus, who may be more at risk and how to minimise this. Pay close attention to communal areas to ensure staff observe social distancing rules and where possible devise a one way system around the office.

Once complete, ensure you share this amongst the full team, making it easily accessible to them at any time should they wish to refer back to it. Also, this goes without saying but ensure your inbox and phone is available for any questions. Make sure you display your Staying COVID-19 Secure 2020 poster in a prominent area so visitors know they are safe.

Working From Home 

As recent guidelines state, work from home wherever possible. You should continue to take all the relevant steps to allow your employees to work from home – our tip, ask your employees what they need to do their job effectively. It may not be ideal for everyone to work from home, but for those who prefer it, it’s a step in the right direction to control the virus. 

Hygiene In The Workplace 

It’s understandable that not everyone can or wants to work from home, some will in fact come into the workplace. So as the employer it’s imperative in keeping your employees safe that you put in place appropriate cleaning, hand wash and hygiene procedures. A few that we have implemented are: 

  • Providing hand sanitisers throughout the working environment 
  • Frequently cleansing of regularly touched surfaces
  • Requesting visitors wear masks.
  • Where possible ask visitors to let you know in advance so you can avoid too many people visiting at the same time.
  • Displaying posters throughout the office reminding staff of the importance of washing their hands and how to do it correctly.
  • Minimise the use of hot desks where possible and ensure employees always use the same phone and stationary to reduce the number of people making contact with the same areas.

Social Distancing 

Wherever possible ensure there are 2 metre distances in place; you may even need to pop up signage to ensure this happens. Looking for a cheaper alternative? Pop some tape on the floor emphasising the distance that needs to be adhered too. We also strongly recommended moving desks or even closing certain desks to ensure employees are not sat within close proximity to each other. 


Social distancing may not be viable and that’s expected in some places, so extra preventive measures will be needed. It’s important you communicate these with your employees. Emphasising that the use of gloves, face masks and potential guards are needed throughout the workplace if it is appropriate.

QR Codes

You should create and display a QR code if you are: 

  • A business, place of worship or community organisation with a physical location that is open to the public 
  • An event which is taking place in a physical location. 

If you have more than one venue, you will need to create a separate QR code for each location. Don’t forget, you can add multiple locations in the services. This will help support the NHS Track and Trace; should you need any more information see here. 


Should you be worrying about how COVID-19 may impact your business as the second wave approaches, please do contact us and we can assist you with a risk management process. 


For more information and government advice see here.

Article inspired by BrightPay via AccountingWeb.