Cloud Accounting: What are the benefits?

Cloud Accounting: What are the benefits?

With remote working quickly becoming a new norm for ourselves and many organisations across the nation, cloud accounting is a great technological advantage you, your team and organisation can truly benefit from. Though cloud accounting is a service we offer and speak to our clients about quite regularly, we thought it would be quite apt to discuss the benefits of cloud accounting. 


Work From Anywhere 

With cloud accounting you don’t necessarily need to step foot in your office. It’s true when we say you can truly work from anywhere. Creating your own virtual office as long as you have an internet connection. 

Many offerings now have apps. Meaning you can access the platform on any tablet or mobile device; with that being said if an app is not available then there’s always an app for your desktop/laptop or your web browser. 


The Clouds Potential

Rather than sending us your accounts in the post, via email, or dropping them at our office the cloud allows you to store files on the software. That way everyone who has access to your cloud accounting platform can see what has been uploaded and what needs to be actioned. Not only does this all you greater time spent elsewhere, but we can continue to provide you with extreme consistency in your data at a better accessibility to yourself 


More Access For All 

Above all, utilising cloud accounting platforms such as Xero, QuickBooks and FreeAgent gives you the flexibility and greater control on who has access. Multiple members of staff can work on the software from any location, providing you’ve granted them access.

For us as your accountants we can have instant access to your data, helping you to avoid any potential problems that could arise, for example poor cash flow. 


If you are interested in our cloud accounting service, you can find our more on this here or simply contact our team and we’ll be happy to help: