A P Robinson Office Open 1st Sept

A P Robinson Office Open 1st Sept

Over the last few months we’ve seen inside our clients homes and many have seen inside ours. We’ve all no doubt been interrupted by parcels being delivered, children wanting a snack or maybe even the family pet wanting to say hello. But now, it’s time we slowly and safely reopen the A P Robinson office. 

As of the 1st September, A P Robinson & Co will once again open its office doors in both Grimsby and Barton, which we closed back in March. At any one time we will only have a few members of staff in the office. This is to ensure efficient social distancing measures can be applied; the eight staff will be rotating with our remaining team continuing to work remotely. 

Before you all rush to visit us (we know it’s been a while!), we please ask that you follow our wishes:

(1) We ask clients wanting to visit the office for any reason i.e. to deliver books, to please call and make an appointment. We want to ensure we have minimal people in the office at any one time;

(2) As government guidelines state, you will need to wear a mask prior to entering our offices – you will not be granted access without a mask unfortunately. Full mask guidelines can be found here.

(3) In the interests of staff safety and to avoid sharing desks we will be closing for lunch between 1.00pm and 2.00pm.

Please don’t forget, we are still contactable via email and our phones. So if the person you’re wanting to see isn’t in the office send them a little message or call. We’re always here to help. 



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