A P Robinson & Co to join C4DI

A P Robinson & Co to join C4DI

For the last 25 years, the A P Robinson & Co team has grown in size, from just one man to a team of 4 partners and 30 members of staff. Becoming one of the market leaders within the region. 

Specialising in a range of services across a variety of business sectors. A P Robinson & Co offers everything you would expect from a well-established chartered accountancy firm. But with a particular focus around helping clients with business planning and strategic growth in mind. 

A P Robinson is committed in expanding its existing product knowledge, embracing technology as well as meeting the challenges of an ever changing industry. 

As part of the vision for the organisation going forward, A P Robinson prior to the Coronavirus pandemic made the decision to expand operations and bring their expertise to the Northbank, at the technological hub, C4DI. As it compliments its overall strategy, and innovative approach. 

The recent appointment of Gary Clark as Business Development Executive not only signals an exciting time for the firm, as well as complimenting the company’s aspirations, to mirror its success in other parts of the region. 

Commenting on the move, Gary has said: “Not only is the move a really fantastic opportunity for A P Robinson & Co. It is also one for myself to help the business strive and meet Andrew Robinson’s vision for the future. The timing despite Coronavirus and the UK’s lockdown, could not have been better, in terms of A P Robinson’s strategic move to Hull and future expansion of C4DI and the surrounding area.” 

Additionally, Emma Brook, Senior Partner at A P Robinson & Co who has been a part of the team for over 20 years, has commented on the move. Emma has said: “This move is such an exciting time for the firm. Now seems the right time for the expansion into a new market place and Hull has a lot to offer, more so, we have a lot to bring to Hull.” 

A P Robinson & Co look forward to embracing the C4DI environment and community. Meet up with Gary for a chat over a coffee, drop Gary an email –