UK firms give broadly positive feedback on HMRC customer service

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According to a recently-published HMRC survey, 55% of UK mid-size businesses are satisfied with the HMRC customer service that has been has provided to them.

In 2016, HMRC polled 1,800 UK businesses, with a view to examining firms’ experiences in dealing with HMRC; their perceptions of current tax administration; their attitudes towards tax compliance; and their awareness of recent tax policy.

The survey revealed that 45% of businesses with 250 employees or more gave positive feedback on HMRC’s customer service – a rise when compared to the previous figure of 34%, recorded in 2015.

It also found that ‘HMRC getting tax transactions right’ proved to be the most important factor in determining firms’ overall experience. 57% of survey respondents gave a positive rating in regard to this, HMRC found.

Meanwhile, 76% of businesses surveyed stated that HMRC treated them fairly, and 81% believe that it treated them honestly.

However, 73% of firms stated that they do not believe that HMRC minimised the time, cost and effort associated with handling tax affairs.

HMRC’s customer survey can be viewed in full here.

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