Switching Accountants: How you know it is time to switch

Switching Accountants: How you know it is time to switch

Has the pandemic caused you to reevaluate where you are spending your resources? Maybe now is the time you are contemplating whether or not you should be switching accountants, more so due to how they responded to your needs throughout the coronavirus pandemic. We’ve summarised below our top three points as to how you know it’s time to switch. 


Charging for advice

If you need advice, then it’s simple you need advice. If your accountant is following this up with an invoice to your inbox, then that is not a great move. Everyone needs a little support every now and then. 

With A P Robinson & Co, we offer all of our clients with unlimited accountancy support. 


You need a dictionary when talking to your accountant

Sometimes as accountants we do sound like we are speaking a different language when we talk amongst each other. But if your accountant is using jargon throughout your communications leaving you confused it may be time to move your business elsewhere. 

Our team will talk you through everything to ensure you understand and we’ll limit our use of jargon. 


Understanding your business needs 

Some accountants focus on numbers, we however focus on you. If you feel like your accountant doesn’t have your best interests at heart, it could be a time to switch. 

However, here at A P Robinsons & Co we will listen to your goals and what you hope to achieve for your business. Not only that but we’ll identify opportunities that are beneficial to you, your business and goals; ensuring our relationship remains aligned. 


If you are looking to start switching accountants, talk to us today. We are happy to discuss our services with you, whilst lending a helping hand in the process.