Official data suggests SMEs ‘reaping the benefits’ of government’s digital spending

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Data published by the government has suggested that UK small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are benefitting from a ‘flourishing Digital Marketplace’, and have accessed nearly half of public sector spending on digital, data, technology and digital services.

The government-run Digital Marketplace allows public sector organisations to access digital services and technology provided by UK businesses.

Since 2012, more than £1.9 billion has been spent with SMEs on digital services and technology, the government revealed.

It stated that it is ‘committed to levelling the playing field for SMEs’, and aims to support a ‘more diverse’ client base.

According to the data, ‘thousands of SMEs’ provide their digital services to the government. Public bodies have spent £1.3 billion on these services in the last year, with £602 million going to SMEs.   

Commenting on the data, Oliver Dowden, Minister for Implementation, said: ‘The Digital Marketplace is enabling small businesses to work in partnership with the public sector to drive the UK’s digital transformation. Small businesses are the backbone of the British economy, and this government is committed to helping them prosper.’

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