ICAEW Annual Conference – Igniting Innovation

ICAEW Annual Conference – Igniting Innovation

What an inspiring title for what promised to be an interesting 2 days in London for the ICAEW Annual Conference. And it certainly lived up to its name.

Keynote speaker Sacha Romanovich – who was the first female leader of a major accountancy firm – kicked things off with a truly inspirational talk.

Whilst balancing the important technical updates with more intangible areas it was an inspiring couple of days. Providing reassurance that the path we are taking with moving clients over to digital platforms, is being carried out in an efficient way and with best of breed products.

Importantly though there were discussions regarding whilst technology is a must we cannot forget the social skills and human touch we still need in a digital world and how important that is.

We also touched on the all important Cyber Risk that lurks and becomes more paramount the more digital we become.

My final thoughts go to Dr Helena Boschi who gave an interactive, informative and fun talk about the psychology of change.

We’re ready for the ICAEW Annual Conference 2020.


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